Welcome to Little Honey, International Pre-School & Day Care. We believe that children are not only adorable but also great learners. Little Honey, International Pre-School & Day Care is a unit of Brewbakes Hospitality & Sons Pvt. Ltd. It has multiple ventures in the education sector such as Madhu Academy, Brewbakes Institute of Hotel Management, and Studio 99 Academy of Beauty & Wellness. Apart from that, we are also in other sectors such as Brewbakes Coffee Shop, The American Shakes, The Idli Xpress, The Chopstick Buddies, Chaat Ka Chaska, and Studio99 Salons.

To nurture adorable kids we have developed caring, nurturing, loving and brilliant learning environment. We have developed our own pedagogy, the way we nurture and toddlers. We are committed to nurturing and educating toddlers in a fun way so they may grow toward responsible citizens.

We have designed programs for kids keeping in view their very special requirements. Our pedagogy is built on the foundation of caring, nurturing, education and fulfillment of little student’s diverse needs. Our teachers are well trained and qualified caregivers. They know latest teaching and caring techniques.

Apart from offering good caring and better learning environments for toddlers, we also focus on safety and health of them. Our schools and class rooms are equipped with safety measures and CCTV cameras. We take utmost care of health of our kids and provide them 100% healthy and nutritious food such as vegetables, nuts, fruits, dry fruits, grains, and pulses. We never offer them junk food such as chips, noodles, cold drinks and chocolates. We also offer tons of fun activities for kids of all groups with aim to provide them overall development. We believe in offering superior quality education and developing caring learners who are actively growing and achieving.

Why Little Honey?

  • Better learning environment for Kids
  • Well-rounded growth and development of kids
  • Qualified teachers and staffs
  • Focus on safety and health of kids
  • No junk, only healthy & nutritious food
  • Lots of activities for kids of all age group

Our Vision

  • Providing better learning environments for toddlers
  • Developing caring learners who are actively growing and achieving.
  • Making little champs grow toward responsible citizens

We at Little Honey value our commitment toward better child education along with well-rounded development.