How to Start an Indoor Play Centre in India

Playschools are in tremendous demand in India nowadays and the main reason behind that is more working couples today. Whether it is playschools, indoor play centers, crèche facilities or preschool, parents prefer to send their child at a place where his growth would be guaranteed. So, considering the huge demand in India, running a playschool is definitely one of the best businesses.

It is definitely a way out to earn good profit out of your investment. In this blog, you are going to learn something very informative about opening playschool in India. The first and foremost important thing in this desire is to have a business plan. A good business plan is required so that its implementation can provide you profit.

A blueprint for doing things is necessary to come at a positive conclusion. The assumption here is that you have already looked at the working of a few such play centers, are aware of the broad nuances of what it entails. You should make yourself comfortable to handle the challenge, if you really wish to come out of the same at a positive result.

Before we move further in this topic, let me highlight some important points about the business. Here are the main FAQ’s means some common questions and concerns of people who wish to start an indoor play centre in India.

  • What is the infrastructure facility you can get? Is it in the heart of a residential colony?

  • Is the play center a part time or a full time facility?

  • How are you going to meet the financial considerations to set it the indoor play center? Are you self financed are you going to take loans or use government schemes for women entrepreneurs

  • Where do you plan to recruit the teaching as well as administration staff from? It is mandatory for Indian preschool teachers to have the SSC certificate or equivalent or a Diploma/Certificate completion in preschool education or BED.

  • What is the number of children you want to cater to in indoor play centre?

  • What curriculum are you going to follow?

  • What is the return on investment on indoor play centre?

These are the most important considerations regarding the business. Once you have a clear mindset about the things then only you can move further. Managing finances of the task is tough. If you are planning to open it at a small scale in that case also you would need financial investment.

You need to assure from where you are going to get it all. Without a good financial planning, moving further is not possible. Government of India also promotes such projects and in case you are unable to meet finances from anywhere else or your sources then taking loan can also be a way out.

Once you have the clear frame of ideas about the task, you can consult a good lawyer and could learn about the legal responsibilities for the business. A good lawyer will take care of the license details and other statutory obligations. Here are few other obligations associated with the task that you need to figure out.

What will be the play centre equipment/ toys/ catering arrangements if any?

equipments needed for playschoolBeing the owner of playschool, you need to consider this point that what would be the equipments and toys that you will include in the playschool. According to your budget, you have to decide whether you are going to provide food to children or not. In case, you are going to serve food then you need to make necessary arrangements of food preparation and serving there. Taking expert’s advice in this is necessary.

What is the Cost of Setting up a Soft Play Center in India?

The business of soft play school in India is a very promising one. It will promise you double fold return. As thereCost of Setting up a Soft Play Center in India are many nuclear families nowadays and working parents don’t have time neither there are grandparents to look after the children, hence the trend of sending children today boarding or crèche is in a trend. The experience with nannies and unprofessional neighborhood playschools that were set up by unqualified people has been a disturbing one as well. Parents today do not mind paying more for a set up that is professionally run, has qualified teachers and administration staff to run such soft play centers.

How Much It Will Cost to Set Up Preschool in India?

play school little honeyYou need to do the financial analysis of the task meticulously. If you are planning to run it on self basis with no funding or support from anyone else then you can setup the minimum limit for the same. But, in case you want to partner with a brand then your budget limit can go on further. More than that, the preschool franchise company will also give you chances for financing your project. The major factors that may aid you in deciding on the total cost are the size of the area and the location you choose. Then you have the other paraphernalia associated with the soft play center like equipment, toys, catering, etc.

Business Plan for Indoor Play Centre in India

You education business plan for indoor play center in India needs a lot of research and planning. Take the assistance from a reputed preschool franchise brand and you can move further successfully in that. Here are the requirements for running a successful indoor play center in India.

  • A blueprint for the business is required so that you can implement on the idea further and proceed accordingly.

  • You need to set a strategy for the things. The guiding principles, the return on investment, competitive threats will all contribute to the making of the strategy.

  • Do a market research and make out if the area is actually worth investing your money or not. A research on market of the area will aid you to make the right decision.

  • Analyze your competitors. They will help you in consistent growth and you can move further successfully in the same.

  • Advertising and marketing are the other essential points for you to consider for successfully running the business.

little honey playschool

The Bottom Line

If you wish to open and operate an indoor play school in India then you must have a proper strategy for the things. Take franchise from brand like Little Honey that will help you to convert endeavors into positive result.

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