Tips for the First Day of Daycare

Daycare has now become a necessity for most of the parents because many families require two incomes to get by financially. While others made a choice of combine working for the benefits of all the members in the household. Single parents nowadays don’t have time or capacity to raise their young ones and manage their job at the same time.


This becomes stressful for many parents but they can rest assured that daycare is a viable option. Daycare center not only take care of child during your office or working hours but this also offers long-lasting social, economic and academic benefits for kids and their parents. Studies have shown that children, including babies and infants from the ages of  9 months to 4 years, benefit from the daycare environment, including its quality instruction, structure and social lessons.


The first day at preschool or daycare center marks a significant transition for your family. To help you and your child we have some tips and advices from the experts to begin your daycare experience with maximum success and minimum tears.

Before the First Day


  • Visit the Center

Visit the daycare center with your child at least once ahead of time. This will give your child a sense of security when you will be nearby them while exploring the place. Allow your child to explore the center on their own. Watch your child exploring the place and see whether they are interested in talking with other children or not. Many parents go for a practice day, a day before their official start. This time you can see that how your child will react staying the school premises. See if the school will accommodate such requests, allowing both the parents and the child to check whether or not they will get what they are expecting for.


  • Trust The Carer

Make sure you have chosen the best daycare center or preschool for your child and you will have to trust the people who are taking care of child. If you are confident about them that they will take good care of your child then, your child will also be confident too. If you are anxious then, this will have a negative affect on your child. So, you should trust the carer.


The first day when you will drop-off your child at preschool can be teary for both of you and your child. So here are the tips for the first morning that will help you to begin preschool experience with minimum tears.


The First Morning


  • Give Everyone Plenty of Time

Don’t rush in the morning as rushing on the first day of the preschool or daycare can actually stressed everyone. Wake up your child early enough so that he will get plenty of time to adjust to the day before being  whisked into the car.


  • Send Something From Home

Many teachers have experienced this the students who bring something from home actually makes them to adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment in the school. So, you can give anything to your child that is close to his heart like his favorite toy, drawing book, a family photograph, story book, or anything that can comforts him.


  • Help Your Child Settle in

It is you who can help your child in every manner. So, you should help you child to settle in the school. Visit few minute or an hour before the school timing. Let your child take on a tour of his classroom. Let them tell you what they see, be there with your child for few minutes. But, remember to keep your goodbyes, short and simple. If you are nervous then, you can call the preschool to check on your child. The faculty would be happy to give you the first day updates during the day.


  • Start a Goodbye Routine

Having a very specific goodbye routine can help your toddler to be more comfortable at drop-off time. And for having a regular routine you will have to begin one on the first day. If you could park your vehicle then, make sure to park it on the same area everyday, enter through the same door, give hugs and kisses and say that you will be back soon, or ‘see ya later’!.


At the end of the day make sure to arrive on time. It is really very important to pick up your child right on time on the first day and make sure to this every day. This will be comforting for your child to know  that you will always be there in the school at this time.


While driving back to home you can discuss so many things with your child like what did he do in the school, how many friends he has made. Well, you can also tell them the further plans of the day like what he or you can do in afternoon and evening. Get your child something to look forward at home.


By these tips you will be able to send your child easily in daycare center or preschool. Follow these tips and make your child ready to go to preschool or daycare.

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