Can You Start Your Own Play School?

Are you planning to start your own play school in India? Do you think you can run your play school successfully in India? Of course, why not?


With an increasing literacy rate every parents are now considering their child to send in a preschool or play school for better grooming. They search for the best preschool with friendly environment for their child so that their child can get ready for the test that awaits him at the start of elementary school.


Well, this can also be a good business for many entrepreneurs who want to invest their time and money on a business to double their investment. Hence, if you also want to start your own play school then, you can either buy franchise for play school in India or you must know some important things that will help you to open your own play school in India.


Before you start your play school then, here are the most important things that you must know and think about:

  • Play school is just not a business you must understand that it is a huge responsibility. Here your benefits of money making and profit of the business should be your second priority and providing the best services should be your priority.
  • As the children below 5 yrs will come here so, you need to create a friendly environment here.
  • You will face many challenges and complains which you need to address with utmost care and empathy.
  • You will have to design a business plan which must comprise the number of the children you can take care of.
  • What of business it will be: Daycare, preschool, playschool with number of after-school activities, creche, etc.
  • Think about your budget whether it allows you to start your own playschool or not.
  • You will require teaching staff and other staffs too.


The legal requirements for starting a play school


Before you plan to start your own play school or daycare in your city you need to know about the legal formalities of opening a preschool.

The first and foremost, you must get permissions to start a preschool.

Though some Indian state has laws like ‘Private School Education Acts like in the state of Tamil Nadu or Maharashtra there are many other states which require letters issued by the state government for starting a preschool or play school.

The law enacted by state government has to be fully considered as they may provide for registration of playschool. The applicant might need to pay the registration fee and if you think you need more information regarding this then, you can consult to a preschool consultant.



One of the best ways to start your own preschool or play school in your city is by buying play school franchise from a leading and most profitable playschool chains in India.


Find a catchy name for your preschool

Of course the brand name always matters and if you are partnering with a renowned brand then, you should think of a different, unique but a catchy name for your preschool or playschool.


The name of the school holds lots of significance that’s why you must think of a name that is crisp, efficient and convey your message at the same time.


Choose the best location and infrastructure

Location is the most important thing you should consider whenever you are starting a business. This plays a major role in the business development. You should select the location for your preschool or play school where the parents will find it convenient to drop and pick up their kids.


The location must be one of the safest and cleanest places in the city as nobody would prefer to leave their kids at untidy place or locality.


Plan your budget

We all know this that without funds we cannot start or run a business in fact, initially we need lots of funds to run our business until it break-even. So, before you start your preschool you must think about the amount you need to invest in your business and the budget you have. If your budget allows you to open a preschool then, you should go ahead but, if you think you have low budget then, you must think about the ideas or plans to start your business with low investment.


The business will need a good amount of investment like furniture, indoor and outdoor games, equipment, marketing and advertising expenses, and also not to forget about the salaries of the teachers. So, it is advised that you do your calculation of the budget and make sure you have the budget or if you will require some loan to start your business.


Well, there are many low investment play school franchise available in the market which you can buy to start your own play school.

To conclude with all the above content I would like to say that this is not a business only for money but, for the future of our society also hence; all the entrepreneurs should establish a vision and stick to it.

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